Friday, September 19, 2008

2008 Gourd Preview

These are some of the gourds I've been working on for the Feast of the Hunter's Moon next week.
It's only a small fraction of the total I'll be taking to the Feast. I'm really getting excited. They've begun to put up the shelters, etc at the park and mowing the road edges in the area! Soon the temporary traffic signs will be up! This reminds me that I only have a week to finish getting ready!
It's time to get out the costumes and check them out. Dan says he lost his garters, he will have to use something else until they can be replaced. I'm ready for a new vest and petticoat! Shopping at the Feast is so much fun! (That's me in the picture)

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Anonymous said...

Boy, You've been busy! I like the multiple layers of colors. At Hubbell Trading Post last weekend I bought some green gourds so I can carve designs in them before they hardened. Have fun packing up your "babies" for the festival. B